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Practical information

Where does the Trade Fair Aalsmeer take place? What time does it start? We have listed all the information for you as an exhibitor and visitor.

The event will be held at the auction location in Aalsmeer.
Royal FloraHolland
Legmeerdijk 313
1431 GB Aalsmeer

Location and opening hours

Where will the Trade Fair Aalsmeer be held?
Royal FloraHolland
Legmeerdijk 313
1431 GB Aalsmeer

On the site, follow the directions on the signs to the parking spaces.

By public transport: bus 357 stops right in front of our door.

Opening hours
  • Wednesday 4 November 09.00 - 17.00 hours
  • Thursday 5 Novmber 09.00 - 17.00 hours
  • Fridat 6 November 09.00 - 15.00 hours
Which companies are present at the Trade Fair?
On this website you will find a list of the companies present at the Trade Fair. You can also consult the interactive map on this website. Upon confirmation we will also send you the link.
How many entrances are there and where can I find them?

There are two ways to reach the fair. Do you take the entrance by the brown lift on the parking roof? This will take you directly to the plant hall. If you take the entrance by the yellow lift, you will reach the flower hall directly. The entire exhibition floor is accessible from both sides.

Is there a floor plan available for visitors?
Yes, we are working with an interactive floor plan where you can search in alphabetical order. A map booklet is also available at the information desk at the fair.
View the interactive floor plan
The answer to my question is not listed here

Do you have a question for which you have not found the answer here? Please send an e-mail to We will contact you.

Access Exhibitors & Visitors

How can I register as a visitor to Trade Fair Aalsmeer?
Preferably you register in advance. You will receive a confirmation with QR code which you have to scan upon arrival. There you will receive your badge.
Please register
Would you like to change your registration or unsubscribe?
The confirmation e-mail contains a personal link to your registration. Here you can choose to change or cancel your registration.
What does it cost to enter Trade Fair Aalsmeer?

No charge! Access is free of charge.

What if I have already registered, but cannot find my admission ticket?
You will receive another e-mail with your entry ticket 24 hours beforehand. If you cannot find your ticket on location, please report to the helpdesk at the entrance.
Are children welcome?
No, we do not allow children on the exhibition floor.
Are pets or assistance dogs allowed?
Pets are not allowed. For assistance dogs, please contact us so we can make arrangements.
Can I go out and come back in between visits?
Yes, this is not a problem if you show your access card again.
I am coming for several days, do I have to register each time?

You can register once and your badge will then give you access to the fair on all days.

I've lost my badge but I still want to enter

No problem, just go to the registration desk and we will print out a new badge for you.

You may also re-register
What if I don't want to fill in or leave my details?
We register everyone at the fair, but you can choose not to share your details with us. In this case, please report to the information desk upon arrival. The minimum information we need from you is your company details and name.
What do you do with the registration data?

We use the data in case of emergencies and you are automatically invited to the next exhibition. Unless you do not want this, you can indicate this to us.

Do I have to print out my registration certificate?
You can print it out or have it scanned on your phone at the entrance.
I want to register a group of customers in advance as visitors
That is possible. You then have to fill in the registration link for each person, because everyone gets a personal badge.
You can register all the people in your group here
Why are there badges in different colours?
We work with four different coloured badges. This makes it easier for you to see who you can best address as an exhibitor.
  • WHITE = stand crew
  • GREEN = growers
  • RED = buyers
  • BLUE = other

Facilities at Trade Fair Aalsmeer

What does Royal FloraHolland do about security at the trade fair?
Royal FloraHolland has professional security guards who take care of enforcement. They are in close contact with official bodies if necessary. We strive for a good balance between safety and hospitality so that you can visit the Trade Fair in a pleasant way.
Is smoking allowed?
No, it is not allowed to smoke anywhere inside. Please note that if you smoke outside, you must show your badge upon entry.
Is there a cloakroom?
Yes, there is a free cloakroom at both entrances. These are guarded during opening hours of the fair.
Are there lockers?
There are a limited number of lockers at the fair for your valuables. These are small and NOT big enough for laptop bags and trolleys.
Is there an ATM machine available?

On the exhibition floor, you can only pay with pin at the catering plaza. There is no ATM machine to withdraw cash.

Where can we eat/drink?
There are various catering facilities spread around the fair with an assortment of meals and drinks. Coffee and tea are free at the coffee points. Trolleys with free coffee/tea are available during the fair. At the catering plaza it is possible to pay for it (only PIN!).
For packed lunches exhibitors can refer to the handbook
Is there a wifi network available?
Yes, during the exhibition days Royal FloraHolland offers all visitors access to its public wifi-network. The wifi code is displayed at the entrances.
Is there a prayer room?
We do not have a prayer room on the exhibition floor.

Travel & accommodation

How do I reach Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer?
By car: The auction is easy to reach by car via the A4 motorway (exit Aalsmeer / Hoofddorp), N201 and N231. From the highway there are signs along the road. A daily rate of 5 euros applies for parking. Follow the directions once you enter the grounds.

By public transport: Bus 357 stops right in front of our door.

Which address can I use for my navigation?
Legmeerdijk 313, Aalsmeer.
Are there any hotels in the area close to Trade Fair Aalsmeer?
Yes, there are various hotels where you can book your overnight stay. You will find an abridged list in the handbook.
The list of hotels can be found on page 15

Parking exhibitors

Where can I park?
You will be guided to parking areas in the vicinity of the fair. There is also a possibility to park on the roof (P23), if this is full you will be diverted. We want to keep the parking spaces near the entrance available for visitors as much as possible.
Are there charging points for the car?
There is a limited number of charging points at P23. However, you may not park here all day.
What does it cost to park?
Parking is free of charge for exhibitors and visitors to the Royal FloraHolland grounds.
Can I buy a parking ticket in advance?
No, and that is not necessary either, parking is free. We cannot reserve a spot for you.
Can I drop someone off at the entrance?
Yes, this is possible.

Stand construction and dismantling

I am using my own stand builder/arranger, when can he build up the stand?
We work with a construction schedule. Read the Exhibitors' Handbook.
From page 9 you will find the construction instructions
Can I use storage facilities during the fair?

No, there is no guarded/enclosed storage area for exhibitors' or stand builders' belongings. If you do leave a cart behind with your belongings, please make sure that it clearly bears a name/phone number/administration number. Leaving them behind is entirely at your own risk.

Who are my neighbours at the fair?
Consult the floor plan to see who your neighbours are. If you need contact information, please send an e-mail to View the floor plan
Can the invoice for additional orders be sent to my own stand builder?
No, we only invoice the exhibitor.
How do I request suspension points?
Make sure you request your suspension points in time. For more information see Handbook. The costs will be charged to you. A surcharge applies if you request your suspension points too late.
See page 10 of the Exhibitors' Handbook
How do I request trusses?
If you need a truss for additional lighting, you must request it in good time from For more information about deadline requests, please refer to the Handbook.
See pages 10 to 12 of the Exhibitors' Handbook
I need extra lighting or power
You can request this via the order form that you will receive with your confirmation. Again, please note the deadline. Lighting and power go through R.A.M. Power & Light. Extra costs will be charged to the exhibitor.
Where can my stand builder park?
Please follow the signs on the terrain. We do not work with parking permits.
Do I need a construction pass?
Your stand builder must apply for an assembly pass via
Until what time may I build up the stand?
Your stand should be built on Tuesday before 17.00 hrs. Are you coming from far away and do you want to put up your stuff on Wednesday morning? Please let us know via No trolleys are allowed on the exhibition floor on Wednesday morning.
My stand will be 3.50 metres
This is only allowed if you have permission from (all) your neighbours! You have to coordinate this yourself and ask for approval. If you agree, you will ensure a neat finish for your neighbours.
For more information, please refer to the Exhibitors' Handbook
I have a standard stand construction, I want to close off the front metre
This is only permitted if you have the agreement of your neighbours. If you have permission, you must also ensure that it is neatly finished for your neighbours. In the case of standard stand construction, always go through Thijs Standbouw.
I have some stuff I need to get to my stand during the fair

That's possible, but you can't take a cart onto the trade fair floor any more. So you will have to carry it.

My trolley is lost
Unfortunately, it may happen that your returned trolley is not yet at your stand. Our logistics staff do their best to deliver all supplies to the stands on time. In the unlikely event that you have lost a trolley? Please report it to the information desk or call +31(0)88-7898989.
Can I have my own stand designed?
Of course, you may use your own stand builder/arranger. Please mention this on your order form. The technical design must be submitted before 15 October 2022 to
See page 10 in the Exhibitors' Handbook
Can I borrow a hoover?
No, we do not have a hoover on loan. However, you can request extra cleaning via
Do I receive a welcome envelope from the trade fair organisation?
No, we no longer work with a welcome envelope. We will mail the return envelopes to you in advance. They are also handed out on Friday morning and extra copies are available at the information desk.
Do I get a free lunch?
The trade fair organisation allocates the number of free packed lunches on the basis of the m2 of standard stand construction rented. The scale we use for this is stated in the handbook. You will receive the lunch vouchers on the spot and there are various distribution points where you can pick up your lunch. If you have any questions, please contact the information desk.
I did not have time to collect my lunch from the distribution point
Are you entitled to a free lunch? Then you can still report to the catering plaza in the flower hall after that time.
Can I promote my product elsewhere on the exhibition floor?
Yes, as an exhibitor you can purchase a promotional space near the entrance, for example. Please contact
Will there still be an exhibitors' drink?
Yes, on Thursday from 17.00 hours (until 20.00 hours) there will be drinks and snacks in the Trade Fair Café on the catering plaza. You do not have to register in advance.
I need a watering can
We do not provide watering cans, you must provide them yourself.
Do you have sealing foil to dispose of my trolley?
No, we do not provide sealing foil. You have to take care of this yourself.

Can I print something out at the fair?

In consultation, something can be printed at the information stand (no large numbers).