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Practical information

Where does the Trade Fair Aalsmeer take place? What time does it start? We have listed all the information for you as an exhibitor and visitor.

The event will be held at the auction location in Aalsmeer.
Royal FloraHolland
Legmeerdijk 313
1431 GB Aalsmeer

Location and opening hours

Where will the Trade Fair Aalsmeer be held?
Royal FloraHolland
Legmeerdijk 313
1431 GB Aalsmeer

On the site, follow the directions on the signs to the parking spaces.

By public transport: bus 357 stops right in front of our door.

Opening hours

  • Tuesday 5 November 09.00 - 17.00 hours
  • Wednesday 6 November 09.00 - 17.00 hours
  • Thursday 7 Novmber 09.00 - 17.00 hours
How many entrances are there and where can I find them?

There are two ways to reach the fair. Do you take the entrance by the brown lift on the parking roof? This will take you directly to the plant hall. If you take the entrance by the yellow lift, you will reach the flower hall directly. The entire exhibition floor is accessible from both sides.

Is there a floor plan available for visitors?
Yes, we are working with an interactive floor plan where you can search in alphabetical order. A map booklet is also available at the information desk at the fair.

The answer to my question is not listed here

Do you have a question for which you have not found the answer here? Please send an e-mail to events@royalfloraholland.com. We will contact you.

Facilities at Trade Fair Aalsmeer

What does Royal FloraHolland do about security at the trade fair?
Royal FloraHolland has professional security guards who take care of enforcement. They are in close contact with official bodies if necessary. We strive for a good balance between safety and hospitality so that you can visit the Trade Fair in a pleasant way.
Is smoking allowed?
No, it is not allowed to smoke anywhere inside. Please note that if you smoke outside, you must show your badge upon entry.
Is there a cloakroom?
Yes, there is a free cloakroom at both entrances. These are guarded during opening hours of the fair.
Is there an ATM machine available?

On the exhibition floor, you can only pay with pin at the catering plaza. There is no ATM machine to withdraw cash.

Where can we eat/drink?
There are various catering facilities spread around the fair with an assortment of meals and drinks. Coffee and tea are free at the coffee points. Trolleys with free coffee/tea are available during the fair. At the catering plaza it is possible to pay for it (only PIN!).
For packed lunches exhibitors can refer to the handbook
Is there a wifi network available?
Yes, during the exhibition days Royal FloraHolland offers all visitors access to its public wifi-network. The wifi code is displayed at the entrances.
Is there a prayer room?
We do not have a prayer room on the exhibition floor.
Are there lockers?
There are a limited number of lockers at the fair for your valuables. These are small and not big enough for laptop bags and trolleys. There will also be lockers where you can charge your phone for free and safely. These will be near both entrances and at the catering plaza and opposite stand 11.16.

Travel & accommodation

How do I reach Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer?
By car: The auction is easy to reach by car via the A4 motorway (exit Aalsmeer / Hoofddorp), N201 and N231. From the highway there are signs along the road. A daily rate of 5 euros applies for parking. Follow the directions once you enter the grounds.

By public transport: Floraholland is easy to reach by public transport. Bus stop Aalsmeer, Floraholland.

From Amsterdam center take public transport bus 357,
From Amsterdam 'Zuid' station take bus 358.
From Schiphol (and also from Haarlem) take bus 300 in the direction of Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena. At Amstelveen Bus station change to bus line 357/358 in the direction of Aalsmeer or Kudelstaarrt.

Every approximately 10 minutes bus lines 357 and 358 run to and from Aalsmeer, Floraholland 'Hoofdingang' (main entrance).

Check in and out with your contactless debit card, credit card, mobile or buy your bus day e-ticket here

Which address can I use for my navigation?
Legmeerdijk 313, Aalsmeer.
Are there any hotels in the area close to Trade Fair Aalsmeer?
Yes, there are various hotels where you can book your overnight stay. You will find an abridged list in the handbook.
The list of hotels can be found on page 15

Parking exhibitors

Where can I park?
You will be guided to parking areas in the vicinity of the fair. There is also a possibility to park on the roof (P23), if this is full you will be diverted. We want to keep the parking spaces near the entrance available for visitors as much as possible.
Are there charging points for the car?
There is a limited number of charging points at P23. However, you may not park here all day.
Can I buy a parking ticket in advance?
No, and that is not necessary either, parking is free. We cannot reserve a spot for you.
Can I drop someone off at the entrance?
Yes, this is possible.