Trade Fair Aalsmeer | Information for exhibitors
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Information for exhibitors

Read all the important information here if you are an exhibitor at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2024.


Invite your network to your stand at Trade Fair Aalsmeer through your own (social media) channels. The toolkit provides you with sufficient visual material in Dutch, English and German.

Frequently asked questions

I would like to exhibit at this trade fair. Where can I register?
Exhibiting at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer is for members and suppliers of Royal FloraHolland. We also allow breeder, improver, cross-breeders and added value companies (product that is visibly added to floriculture products such as pots, sleeves cuttings, etc.). You can register via this link. Doubting whether you can register as an exhibitor? Then please contact
Where can I register my stand crew?
Stand crew can sign up using the visitor sign-up form, this link will follow.
Where can I park as an exhibitor?
Parking is available in surrounding parking lots. Follow the instructions of the parking attendant. Place exhibitor parking pass visibly in car.
Can I buy a parking ticket in advance?
No, and there is no need, parking for exhibitors is free. You will receive a separate parking pass several weeks before the trade fairs.
For all other practical matters such as booth construction, set-up times, catering, etc. check out the handbook (coming soon).