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These are the winners of the 2023-2024 Glass Tulip Award

Published: November 7, 2023
The time has finally come: the winners of the Glazen Tulp Award have been announced! The prize for the best new market introduction was awarded in five categories during a festive ceremony at Trade Fair Aalsmeer. Take a quick look at who received this Oscar-worthy award.

Novelties and innovation are very important for our floriculture industry. That is why Royal FloraHolland presents the Glazen Tulp Award every year to the best innovative product. After two rounds of voting, the professional jury was able to view the novelties during Trade Fair Aalsmeer and determined this year's winners. These are the winners:

Winner Glass Tulip Award 2023-2024: Cut flowers
The number 1 is Lugt Lisianthus with the Eustoma russellianum filled flower 'Rosanne Terracotta'. It is a very distinctive flower: 'You hate it or you love it,' the judges said. "Very good color in autumn but also a beautiful product for spring! We received varying reactions, some think it is a seasonal product, others think it is suitable for the whole year. The advice is to tell and show what you can do with it with more marketing."

In second place was Chrysanthemum (Indicum Grp) picked Honeymoon from Vannova Masters Growers (J&A Flowers), which stands out with a very large pink flower. "The color is unique and there is no such large flower yet in the pink segment," the judges' verdict rang out. In 3rd place followed Chrysanthemum (Indicum Grp) bunch Santini Miri from LS Santini which also wins the audience award of this category.
Winner Glass Tulip Award 2023-2024: Houseplants Green
At Houseplants Green, Ansu vof goes away with the win with the Aglaonema Painted Celebration. The judges were positively surprised by the color, which they call innovative. "This is a nice surprise and really an enrichment for office planting, which is enormously important in this day and age. It is a plant for the more exclusive market, though."

Number 2 was the Anthurium crystallinum Karma Crystal Fluorite from Karma Plants, a special plant with beautiful leaves and broad, highly visible veins, the judges thought. In place 3 was the Alocasia Regal Shields from Forever Plants Group. "This plant has huge, dark green, almost black leaves. A real eye-catcher!"

The audience award went to Esperit Plants with Alocasia zebrina Black Zebrina.
Winner Glass Tulip Award 2023-2024: Houseplants Flowering
In Houseplants Flowering, first place went to Optiflor with the Maxillaria Unique Coco Malibu in 9 cm Tuscany Sand. The judges praised the plant for its innovative character. "In addition, the flower is well full and also special are the flowers, which hang between the leaves."

A nice second place and the audience award were reserved for Van der Voort Potplanten, with their Azalea 14 cm Rila - Decorum. "A nice color with an unusual flower shape." Nolina Kwekerijen B.V. occupied third place with the Rosa Party Pia. "A nice, unique double flower color with good a filled flower/plant."
Winner Glass Tulip Award 2023-2024: Garden plants
The winner in the garden plants category is Van Son & Koot BV's Hydrangea serrata Euphoria Pink. It is a special variegated hydrangea, which is a jewel for the garden even without flowers. "This Hydrangea is very attractive and provides beautiful shades of color in the garden. Also stays nicely on color," was the judges' verdict.

Number 2 was Beauty Plants with the Mandevilla Sundaville Double Blush Pink, followed in third place by Colour Your Season / FlevoFlora with the Helleborus 'Star of Love'. The audience award went to Van der Sar Plants with Pyracantha coccinea Orange Star.
Winner Glass Tulip Award 2023-2024: Concepts
Also in the Concepts category, Ansu vof took first prize with their Tillandsia concept 'Tilly Tiles'. It consists of handmade ceramic tiles topped with a Tillandsia. This is an air plant, which does not need soil to survive. The tiles have a hook at the top and bottom, so you can make a natural necklace out of them. You can collect 8 different Tilly Tiles. "A fun and innovative concept," the judges thought.

'Scents' by Esperit Elements followed in 2nd place and also received the audience award. The juy liked the composition. "Nice thought with a scented stone and ceramics." In third place we find FusionColors BV with "The Lighting Garden," a "particularly futuristic concept with beautiful light, neatly incorporated into the pot," according to the judges' comments.