Ruben Dietrick LQ

Dynaplant founders hand over reins to the next generation

Published: October 25, 2022
The year 2022 is a special one for Dynaplant as it marks the company's 20th anniversary as well as a change in management. Founders Martin van der Lugt and Peter Varekamp are stepping down, making way for Ruben van der Lugt and Dietrick Hanemaaijer. We spoke to Marloes de Jongste-van der Burg, Account manager, Marketing at Dynaplant.
Why should visitors visit your stand during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer?
"For Dynaplant, 2022 is a special year as it marks the company's 20th anniversary as well as a change of management. Over the past 20 years, Dynaplant has made a name for itself in Calla and Clivia cultivation. Going forward, we want to expand our range to include unusual houseplants. An example of this is Monstera, while Strelitzia and Kentia will be added in the near future."

"Our new direction is all about growing Plants with Personality. What these plants have in common is that rather than being a dime a dozen, they’re all truly special, each with its own character. We want to celebrate this with visitors and look forward to seeing you at our stand!"

What are the trends for the coming season?
"What trends are there at Dynaplant or the wider floriculture industry? Personally, I think seasonal products are going to become bigger in the floriculture industry. We live in a world where increasingly consumers want to know the story behind a flower or plant. The question of whether it will necessary to be able to sell a particular type of flower/plant all year round will be a recurring one."

"At Dynaplant, we look to the future and sustainable business is one of our prerequisites. We are committed to and constantly work to come up with environmentally and socially responsible solutions. In January 2023, we will get the keys to our third cultivation location. We will be expanding our green plant range there and are fully committed to quality. This is also an important topic with our Calla and Clivia."

What do you expect from this edition of the Trade Fair?
"There is a lot of turmoil in the market. Everyone is facing increased costs that they will also have to pass on to customers, but on the other hand, you also want to have a well-filled order book for 2023. Will there be a gap from all the growers throwing in the towel that has to be filled by other products, or is there much less demand from the market in general? I expect these to be hot topics. But of course, the fair is also simply about showcasing your product range and speaking to customers/exporters in person again."

Horticulture in 2023 is different from that of past decades. How do you envisage the floriculture industry in a year's time?
"As mentioned above, I expect there to be more seasonal products. Flowers and plants make people happy and always will. However, the floriculture industry will have to prove even more in 2023 and the environment and environmental sustainability will be (or remain) key words."