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Greenovation winnaar

Greenovation Award 2023: beschik jij over een duurzame innovatie voor de sierteelt?

Published: June 8, 2023
Royal FloraHolland promotes sustainability in floriculture and therefore annually presents the 'Greenovation Award' during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer. Registration for the Greenovation Award 2023 is open.
Participation in the Greenovation Award provides the nominees with a great deal of exposure. However, that is not the only reason to take part...

1. Essential for the future
Sustainable production and sustainable products are increasingly the norm; international consumers expect sustainability and producers and traders are aware of its importance. Ensuring sustainability
is vital in order to remain successful as an entrepreneur in the future. Sustainable innovations are essential to our future. With the Greenovation Award, Royal FloraHolland draws extra attention to these developments.

2. An award is highly beneficial for your image
The Greenovation Award has a broad scope so you will receive numerous responses. According to former winners, it is also easier to get your foot in the door with innovative suppliers.

3. Inspiration and innovation
All entries for the Greenovation Award can inspire other entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas, or prompt them to put their own spin on innovations they have seen. Thus, the
award motivates entrepreneurs to continue on the path of sustainability. Whether or not you win, your participation enables you to exchange ideas for sustainability. It also helps keep the focus on sustainability. That's good for your business,
for the industry and for society.

4. The award and all it entails
The winner of the Greenovation Award, of course, doesn’t go home empty-handed! In addition to a beautiful award made from sustainable material, there is a professional photo and video shoot. The winner will also receive a free 12 m2
stand at TFA 2024 and he or she will be presented with the award at Royal Flora Holland's stand at IPM Essen 2024 and during the Day of the Cooperative 2023. So, you can be sure of considerable media attention.

5. Great story for your customers
The Greenovation Award provides products and concepts that serve as ingredients for great stories. As an entrepreneur, you can share those stories to show what the floriculture sector can do
for society. Repeatedly sharing this story reinforces your right to exist in the long term.

6. Why not?
There are plenty of reasons to not participate, but why not let the above points sink in for a moment... You can realise a lot, with very little effort. Be
proud of your business and take advantage of this free PR!

Sign up now!
Are you also focusing on sustainability and working on an innovative sustainable product or concept? You may be eligible to be nominated for the Greenovation Award this year.
Register your innovation before 28 August and put your product or concept in the spotlight!
The Greenovation Award is presented annually during Trade Fair Aalsmeer. This year, the fair will take place from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 November 2023.