Trade Fair Aalsmeer | Guided tour: visit the latest cold store for…
Koelcel c035

Guided tour: visit the latest cold store for the order picking process in Aalsmeer

Published: October 26, 2023
We are redesigning our logistics, working uniformly at all hubs. Step by step, we will move from distribution to order picking and to delivery in time slots. To make this possible, cold stores are being/will be built at all hubs.

In Aalsmeer, at location C035, we recently built a new 10,000 m2 cold store especially for the order picking process. To be able to build the cold store, we had to realise a number of things in advance, such as: moving customers, demolishing, moving trucks and closing docks.

During this tour, you can take a look inside this cold store and we will tell you all about the other steps we had to go through to build it.

When is this tour?
The tour is on Wednesday 8 November and starts at 13:30. The meeting point is on the top floor by the yellow lifts (entrance to the Trade Fair). Please note! As this cold store is in the middle of our building, please wear safety shoes and a safety vest.

What will you know after this tour?
  • What the newest cold store in Aalsmeer looks like
  • Where your bought/sold flowers will be stored
  • Which steps we went through to realise this cold store

Who is this session interesting for?
  • Growers supplying in Aalsmeer
  • Buyers based in Aalsmeer
  • Buyers and growers interested in the realisation of distribution to order picking