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Hazeu Orchids wins Greenovation Award 2022

Published: November 9, 2022
With its orchid cultivation in hexagonal pots, Hazeu Orchids is the winner of the 2022 Greenovation Award. Owners of the family business from Pijnacker, Chiel and Sjors Hazeu, were presented with the sustainable award on the first day of Trade Fair Aalsmeer. Royal FloraHolland CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde was the first to congratulate the brothers.

The public and jury found the hexagonal pot in which Hazeu grows their orchids to be the best sustainable product or concept introduction within the floriculture sector. The hexagonal nursery pot enables 20% more plants on the same surface area and 20% more plants in transit, meaning a 20% reduction in energy consumption and a demonstrable 15% lower CO2 footprint. Or, rather: "Using it allows us to produce 20% more with the same energy consumption," says Chiel Hazeu.

The brothers did not really expect the win. "A 1-in-9 chance. But fortunately, more people are seeing that such a simple intervention on an existing product, can have a big impact."

People follow a good example

Steven van Schilgaarde "Improving sustainability and, in particular, making the transition to non-fossil energy sources are crucial for the future of floriculture. The sector has already made a good start, but the current energy crisis is proof of the urgency to take action. Energy transition is also a business imperative for a lot of companies right now. Improving sustainability and savings often go hand in hand. That is why I am pleased we are presenting the Greenovation Award for the sixth year in a row. After all, people follow a good example. All entries are a source of inspiration. This is characteristic of our sector. The nine Greenovation Award nominees show that floriculture isn’t resting on its laurels. These companies aren’t simply waiting around: they are taking the lead in becoming more sustainable. We can’t have enough of these kinds of companies and innovations in the years to come."

Jury's opinion

Both the professional jury and the public decided the winner this year, with each having a 50% share in the overall assessment. From the jury report: "A great example of practically applicable, tangible innovation and sustainability. The nursery pot has practical application for other growers. In doing so, Hazeu Orchids is doing the sector a service. Perhaps this pot will become the new standard in the sector."

The professional jury this year included Quincy von Bannisseht (Glastuinbouw Nederland), Anne-Lotte Boudeling, (FM Group) and Maarten Bánki (Royal FloraHolland).

Numbers 2 and 3

There was also a great diversity of innovations this year. A returns system for flower buckets, innovation of the old-fashioned climbing pole against which climbing plants grow, a post-harvest treatment to keep flowers fresher for longer during sea transport... There really were some very interesting ideas among them. Finishing second was Tesselaar Alstroemeria with Alstroemeria Mistral, a CO2-neutral flower. People with poor job prospects work in their greenhouse. Third prize went to Floral Trade Group with Refleur. This concept was designed to offer clients a commercially viable sustainable proposition. Refleur is meant to create more awareness for sustainability among customers and growers.

You can read about the entries of all nine nominees, including that of the winner, at your leisure on the Greenovation Award webpage.

About the Greenovation Award

We can look back on a successful presentation with inspiring products and concepts, and would like to thank everyone for their contribution and participation. Royal FloraHolland calls on the sector to stimulate these innovations and to constantly look to make further optimisations. Sustainability is and will remain an important focus for the floriculture sector and, despite all the good work, there are still gains to be made across the board. Does your company also focus on sustainability, and are you innovating? If so, you might be eligible for nomination for next year’s Greenovation Award. Keep an eye on our website and social media.