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Erwin van Vliet Levoplant

Potweb nominated for Greenovation Award 2023

Published: October 6, 2023

Potworm is a major problem in Phalaenopsis cultivation and through the entire chain. A consortium of four companies - Levoplant, Ter Laak, Opti-flor and Solvent - has therefore developed Potweb: the solution to control pot worm in an environmentally friendly way in the cultivation of Phalaenopsis orchids.

For years, the potworm has posed a serious threat to Phalaenopsis cultivation. Indeed, the Lyprauta mosquito lays its eggs in the bark, and the resulting larvae (potworms) attack the root tips, leading to significant losses during the cultivation process.

No chemical pesticides and reduced transport costs

Uniquely, the material is as thin as tights and yet can be mechanised around the pot. The impenetrable barrier thus eliminates the need to use (chemical) pesticides to control worms and mosquitoes. It is an environmentally-friendly method of control.

An additional advantage is that the chain and consumers will no longer be bothered by bark that can fall out of the pot. Phalaenopsis plants could now even be transported lying down. In some cases, this results in considerable savings in loading volume and thus transport costs and CO2 emissions.

Vote for Potweb

Unsurprisingly, Potweb has a chance to win the Greenovation Award 2023. Do you think this product should win? Then cast your vote.

Greenovation Award

Sustainable products are becoming the norm: international consumers expect sustainability and growers and traders are increasingly aware of its importance. Royal FloraHolland encourages innovation and sustainability in the chain and has therefore created the Greenovation Award. In doing so, Royal FloraHolland provides an additional stage for sustainable developments.