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Presentation: Easy Returns, simplify your returns process for logistics assets

Published: October 26, 2023
When you've sold your products, you often receive return shipments back with logistics resources. You have to sort these out, count them and then bring (part of) them back to Royal FloraHolland.

With the Easy Returns service, logistics resources and load carriers go directly and unsorted from the florist or retailer back to Royal FloraHolland. This way, we shorten the journey taken by logistic resources and load carriers and simplify your return process. We also sort and count your own logistic resources. We then bring these back to your box.

During the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, Jolanda van der Plas - van Paridon & Luuk Waltmans (Royal FloraHolland) will explain the development of this service and why it is relevant for buyers. They will also talk about Easy Returns' future plans.

What will you know after this presentation?
  • What Easy Returns is.
  • How you can optimise your processes thanks to Easy Returns.
  • What Easy Returns' future plans look like.

Who is this presentation interesting for?
  • Buyers based in Aalsmeer

The presentation Easy Returns, simplify your logistics returns process is a programme component of Trade Fair Aalsmeer and will take place in the Trade Fair Theatre on Tuesday 7 November from 11.00 to 11.30. Register for the fair and attend the session.