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David Pieter Stolk Brothers

Peat-free Anthurium from Stolk Brothers competes for Greenovation Award 2023

Published: October 6, 2023

Traditionally, many crops use peat for substrates. It offers many advantages, but is highly detrimental to the environment. Peat extraction releases a great deal of CO2 and, what's more, at some point this resource will run out. That is why Stolk Brothers in Bergschenhoek now grows its entire range of potted anthuriums 100% ‘peat-free'.

Stolk Brothers grows all kinds of potted anthuriums on a large scale, in various colours and sizes. The company, as one of the first anthurium producers, has had an entirely peat-free range since early 2023. ‘But while maintaining quality', as the company itself points out.

In an interview with Flowers and Plants News earlier this year, David and Pieter Stolk explained: ‘Peat offered many advantages: it holds water and nutrients well and is very forgiving. But its use is not sustainable. In fact, peat extraction is already banned in the UK.’

Stolk Brothers had been transitioning to peat-free for some time, and has now made its entire range peat-free. They believe that their buyers and consumers are barely aware of the change. ‘A customer once asked if it we thought they would do well on the shelves. We then told him that he had been receiving peat-free plants from us for some time. He hadn’t noticed and his customers hadn’t mentioned it either.’

Vote for peat-free anthurium
The 100% peat-free anthurium has been nominated for the 2023 Greenovation Award. Do you think this sustainable product should win? Make your voice heard and cast your vote.

Greenovation Award
Sustainable products are becoming the norm: international consumers expect sustainability and growers and traders are increasingly aware of its importance. Royal FloraHolland encourages innovation and sustainability in the chain and has therefore created the Greenovation Award. In doing so, Royal FloraHolland provides an additional stage for sustainable developments.