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Charl Goossens Gova

Peat-free Laurus Nobilis has a chance to win the Greenovation Award 2023

Published: October 6, 2023

Extracting peat, which is used for substrates, releases a great deal of CO2 of 10.000 years agoo and, at some point, this resource will run out. The chain is therefore trying to reduce the use of peat in various ways. Gova BV of Nispen already grows its laurels since 2020 in a 100% peat-free substrate and can deliver multiyear grown plants: 100% peat-free Laurus Nobilis.

They use fibre from local crops, or residual streams from local production. Gova BV is already able to fill retail orders 100% peat-free, is leading the way in the market, and actively shares peat-free growing knowledge with other growers. Field tests are ongoing with growers in Zundert (outdoor tree nursery), Westland (greenhouse horticulture) and Boskoop (indoor tree nursery).

Peat is described by Gova BV as a 'carefree' fibre that the grower could always rely on without much thought. With peat-free fibre, however, growers will have to do more sampling and analysis, and manage fertilisation and watering more carefully. In short, they will have to put in greater effort. Gova BV's field tests help with this.

Vote for peat-free Laurus Nobilis
Gova BV's 100% peat-free Laurus Nobilis is competing for the 2023 Greenovation Award. Do you think their product should win? Then let your voice be heard here.

Greenovation Award
Sustainable products are becoming the norm: international consumers expect sustainability and growers and traders are increasingly aware of its importance. Royal FloraHolland encourages innovation and sustainability in the chain and has therefore created the Greenovation Award. In doing so, Royal FloraHolland provides an additional stage for sustainable developments.