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Put your product in the spotlight at Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Published: August 11, 2023

Do you have an interesting product that deserves extra attention? Put your product in the spotlight among the professional audience at the largest international trade fair for flowers and plants, and sign up for the ‘In the picture’ stand. Ideal for exhibitors but also if you don’t have your own stand at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer.

At the ‘In the picture’ stand, we provide a professional presentation of your product, and you can welcome visitors during a meet & greet at set times. There are two ‘In the picture’ stands, one by the flowers and one by the plants.

We take care of everything
We bring your product to the attention of the more than 20,000 visitors at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, one of the largest floriculture fairs in the world. As a grower, you just need to send us your flowers or plants. We provide:

  • An all-inclusive presentation of your product, in which we professionally arrange the flowers or plants
  • Your company name and the details of the product at the display point
  • A daily meet & greet with visitors, catered with coffee, tea and cake
  • Inclusion of the meet & greet in the fair's programme

How much does it cost?
Members pay €285 per product, and non-members pay €399 per product.

Are you interested? Sign up today! Click here for the application form.