Trade Fair Aalsmeer | Dock Services, your partner in international…

Guided tour: Dock Services, your partner in international logistics and inspections

Published: October 30, 2023
Royal FloraHolland's Dock Services department processes (aeroplane) pallets of flowers from Africa and other countries. We are busy realising a mechanised sorting system here. The mechanisation enables much higher and better processing of arrivals.

With the new sorting system, processing capacity will increase from 800 boxes per hour now, to around 2,000 boxes per hour soon. In addition, processing will take place in a fully refrigerated chain, from the moment of arrival on an aircraft pallet or sea container at Dock Services to being prepared for the customer. During 2023, the system will be prepared and tested so that it will be ready for use for the 2024 peak.

During this tour, we will show you the latest machine and you can ask questions to the people at Dock Services.

When is this tour?
The tour is during Trade Fair Aalsmeer on Tuesday, 7 November and starts at 13:30 h. The meeting point is on the top floor near the yellow lifts (entrance to the Trade Fair). If you prefer to visit Dock Services at a different time during the Trade Fair, please contact Dirk Verdoes (+31 6 25316934,

What will you know after this tour?
  • What Dock Services is.
  • How you can optimise your processes thanks to Dock Services.
  • A look behind the scenes at Dock Services.
  • What Dock Services' future plans are.
  • The answers to all your questions about Dock Services.

For whom is this tour interesting?
  • (International) growers
  • (International) buyers