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Eric Brouwers Paletti Growers

Triple Thrive Data is a contender for the Greenovation Award 2023

Published: October 6, 2023

The transition to a more sustainable world also requires the floriculture sector to be more conscious about water, energy and crop protection products. The Triple Thrive Data concept, a unique way of collecting data for crop optimisation, can help.

The TTD concept was developed by Paletti Growers, a cooperative of several growers from Limburg, North Brabant and North Rhine-Westphalia. The data is retrieved by satellites, drones and ground sensors (triple) and translated into a dashboard for the grower. As a result, he can then, for instance, fertilise and water in a more targeted way. He can also spot problems earlier.

Less water and reduced use of plant protection products
The result is a healthier product, requiring less water and reduced use of plant protection products. Growing more sustainably thus becomes even more achievable. Work is currently focused on a drone in the box and autonomous indoor flying. The satellites and ground sensors are already available and the necessary dashboard is under development. The grower will soon be able to do everything himself: no expensive third parties will be needed to use the concept in practice.

Paletti Growers is now gaining experience with TTD at three member farms, which have very different crops. In the process, much experience is gathered for crops both under glass and outdoors. That makes a generic rollout in the near future highly likely.

Vote for Triple Thrive Data

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Greenovation Award

Sustainable products are becoming the norm: international consumers expect sustainability and growers and traders are increasingly aware of its importance. Royal FloraHolland encourages innovation and sustainability in the chain and has therefore created the Greenovation Award. In doing so, Royal FloraHolland provides an additional stage for sustainable developments.