Trade Fair Aalsmeer | Will you ensure the best possible presentation…
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Will you ensure the best possible presentation at the trade fair?

Published: July 14, 2023
Trade Fair Aalsmeer will take place from 7 to 9 November. Floriday will be present with a stand and cordially invites you to join us. Will you also be at the trade fair as a grower? Then you will want to be well prepared, of course. You do that by supplementing your stand with online information!

Tip 1: Use the dashboard & timeline messages in Floriday
Promote trade items prior to the trade fair by posting timeline messages. You can easily post timeline messages to users in your network via your dashboard in Floriday. You do this by clicking on the icon with the purple horn in the dashboard, at the bottom of the page. Promote a trade item you are presenting at the trade fair, or let buyers know where to find you at the Trade Fair by means of a message. For example, specify the stand number. Note that there is a maximum of 3 timeline messages per day.

Tip 2: Make your catalogue findable with a QR code
Place promotional materials with QR codes of trade items or collections available at Floriday in your exhibition stand. Within the catalogue on Floriday, you can download a QR code for every trade item or for collections created. It is also possible to place these QR codes in the exhibition stand. When visitors scan them with their mobile phone, they will immediately be taken to this trade item or collection within the Explorer if they have a connection with you. How does this work? Go to 'Catalogue' and click on the three dots next to a trade item. Then choose the 'Share trade item' option. If you want a QR code of a collection go to the 'Collections' tab within the Catalogue. Click on the three dots there and then choose 'Share collection'.

Tip 3: Provide representative photos
Make sure you use good photos for trade items. In this way, you will make your products even more attractive to buyers. With the right product photos, buyers have a good idea of what the trade item looks like. When they then scan the QR code you place with your trade item or collection, they can add it to their favourites straight away.

Tip 4: My Shop
You can also download and print a QR code from your shop. You do this at 'My Shop' via the marketing tab. When customers scan these, they enter the Floriday shop straight away.

A powerful presentation is effective
The above tips will ensure that you present yourself in the best possible way and give visitors a helping hand with finding their way to your trade items on Floriday. Perhaps this will lead to new networking relationships and buyers!